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Tiki in a nutshell: 
restless creative, explorer of overlooked things, seeker of the unknown, always studying, surfer with a huge wanderlust, mermaid at heart, shark lover, cat-whisperer, skater girl in training, Zen enthusiast, Marvel CU geek, data tracking nerd, recovering perfectionist, older than you think, and vegan.
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ABOUT Tiki’s Illustration:
Motivated by a deep love for the Ocean and an insistent Wanderlust, Tiki creates art that shows a sensitive connection to nature and an attraction to the intricate details of life. The explorer spirit in her creations sparks memories of exciting adventures and inspires the viewer to seek out the marvel of life and endless possibilities for creating new experiences. An inspiration to seek new adventures.

Tiki’s travel adventures and surf-life experiences build the main source of inspiration for her art. Decades of mindfulness practices and an affinity for Japanese and Polynesian cultures have nurtured a special awareness for the natural world that she expresses in her illustrations. Every piece has a dreamy touch with an invitation to exploring and discovery.
A strong background in drawing and a bachelor’s degree in architecture, combined with years of experience in digital illustration and graphic design allow Tiki to use an array of techniques to create unique illustrations.
Tiki's CV/resumé file on Dropbox